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Pizza Peel

  • ⭐ Adjust & Lock: Aside from the slender thickness and lightweight aluminum that allows you to move pizza pies with feather-light ease, the other great thing about the OUII Metal Pizza Peel is the Adjust-Swivel & Lock Handle! It compacts down for storage, extends to a full 25” length to protect against burns or deep pizza ovens, and it rotates for easy access around the pie, or in small spaces

  • ⭐ Load Up Your Heaviest Pie! Even when fully extended to 25”, this pizza shovel can withstand the most laden-down, 14” pizza (… did someone say Triple Cheese?). With a 12 x 14” aluminum plate, and pinewood handle, it’s a lightweight tool that doesn’t add extra burden to your hands when carrying a big pie. The 2mm cookie sheet thickness will never bend, and slides effortlessly.

  • ⭐ With Pizza Slicer: Now that your perfect pie is cooked you’ll need to cut the perfect slices, right? So we thought of that too! Your set includes a stainless steel, rust-proof pizza cutter rocker. Just ‘rock’ the blade once with confidence for a crisp clean cut! Impress friends and family with toppings that stay in-tact! The full metal design and plastic cover make it easy to clean and safe to store.

  • ⭐ Easy to Use: First, don’t use it as a pizza board to cut pizza - you’ll damage your blades! Second, for dough that’s too wet, simply sprinkle your pizza peel metal surface with a little corn flour for a non stick peel and slide. And lastly, have fun! Because it’s Rust-Proof Aluminum and not wood, it’s light, resistant to humidity, won’t chip or splinter. Great for bread and cakes too!

  • ⭐ Easy to Clean: When it’s time to tidy, simply remove the wood handle to wipe clean, handwash the pizza slider with a soft sponge and pop the rocking pizza cutter in the dishwasher and done! It’ll arrive in Gift Ready packaging, so you can gift it to someone who needs to serve better pizza for you! OUII, make every pie a mess-free masterpiece – try it now and see!


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